Tron: Legacy

Tron Legacy – or ‘How the Combination of Daft Punk and 3D Films may have cured my Vertigo’

Just kidding about the Vertigo thing- if anything the film made me a bit nauseous and I’m still kind of dizzy. For some reason whenever I go into a 3D film I immediately turn into every octogenarian, complete with dizzy-spells and complaints about ‘kids these days’.

Visually this movie was stunning – and I’m not talking about the Benjamin Button Shit they did to Jeff Bridges’ face – and the music was great. Though on the topic of music, I can’t say I understand why everyone is so excited about Daft Punk’s soundtrack. I can honestly only remember one scene where the music wasn’t comprised of that “VROOOOOM” noise made famous in the trailer for Inception.

The film itself is not a groundbreaking story; a sequel to the 1982 film Tron, director Joseph Kosinski continues the story of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), and his grid world. Back in 1982, Flynn disappears, leaving his young son Sam (Garrett Hedlund) without so much as a quarter. After some business with his father’s company and a pager (such technology even existed? Can you imagine?) Sam then discovers his father’s secret office, and secret computer where he did his secret business. Sam is transported into the grid, and must find his father and escape before the unfriendly local villain (Kevin Flynn’s double, Clu) is able to kill the Flynns and take over earth. Republicans, you just can’t trust them.

I was about to say, “obviously there’s more than that” but there actually isn’t. It’s a simple plot – Bridges actually brought a Zen Buddhist as a story consultant in order to add a sense of spirituality to the film – but honestly all of that is really heavy-handed and I almost pulled an eye-rolling muscle. Sam describes his father’s meditation as “knocking on the sky and listening to the sounds” or some such rubbish. Pause for momentary vomit and roll of the eyes break.

Olivia Wilde as Quorra was surprising, a wonderful mix of two incredibly overdone models of female action characters – both the strong fighter and the vulnerable doe-eyed character. But none of the characters were really written in a way that made me care for them at all. If I’m honest, I was waiting for a major character to die as my attention wavered while they were just sitting on a train or flying something.

Also – I’ll have to admit, the one major thing that really confused me was that Tron isn’t the grid. It’s a guy. Tron is actually a character in both the original and inLegacy. And he has one line. Going to this film and expecting anything other than fantastic visuals and a pretty basic plot is a mistake, but that isn’t a critique on the film, in fact for what it was – I enjoyed it on the whole but I’m not sure I could watch it again. Nor do I have much faith the film will be interesting to own in 2D on DVD- without the graphics it’s just a run of the mill sci-fi action flick where Garrett Hedlund hardly even takes his shirt off!

Tron: Legacy

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